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Man, it's been a while since I posted!

I have been having some small health issues with my feet, but I am hanging in there. :)


As for game projects.  I been on and off with Number Factor, but also, been hard in the works of an actual match-3 game.  Here is an animated preview of it:

It is actually pretty damn solid.  Gem swap and match correctly.  The generation of new gems and dropping them down is fast.  Especially, that thing when you run out of moves.  That was fun to make.



Number Factor v1.33

2016-05-26 08:31:07 by Jeffmakesgames

This update is kind of experimental.  I did some tinkering with Power Mode on how it generates energy from chains.  You'll also notice that Solar generates 0.5% energy, instead of 1%.

Let me know your thoughts on the changes.

Number Factor v1.32

2016-05-21 21:15:09 by Jeffmakesgames

So, a small update done for all game modes.

I added an extra bit of Disc Balancing.  For each game mode, if the game finds that you are given a specific amount of Gray Discs in a row, it will force a Numbered Disc after them.  The amount is different for each game mode, especially Marathon Mode.

I had one report where someone had gotten 20 or more Gray Discs in a row and I never expected that to ever occur.  That's way too many.  So that should be helpful to all players.

Another change I made is to Timed Mode.  Every 10 drops instead of 12 is now a new level and a new row of Gray Discs.




Number Factor v1.31

2016-05-17 05:59:56 by Jeffmakesgames

So, I removed the LUCK powers because I felt that they didn't work out too well.

I did however, do some visual adjustments that I think are fitting. Enjoy.


As for save data, I been kind of holding off on it until I get more stuff done with the game.

Number Factor v1.30

2016-02-20 08:20:36 by Jeffmakesgames

Well, its been a while indeed.  Decided to upload some updates to Number Factor.

Power mode: I added 4 new powers.  They are LUCK powers.  Let me know how balanced it all feels.  You guys ARE the players.  Help me create the game that you want to play. ;)

Power mode: Reduced the cost of the power Blocker from 60 to 55.

Power mode: The power Next can now be activated multiple times to show up to 9 future discs.

Power mode: The power Lure has been altered so that the chance of the diamond should appear a little more often than usual.

Survival mode: 5 drops per level instead of 7.

Marathon mode: Completing the mode now gives 170,000 points instead of 70,000 points.  There is also a hidden bonus if you can complete the mode in a special rare way.

Timed mode: 12 drops per level instead of 15.

Updated some effects to how points and stuff are displayed. Should look nicer.

Updated the How to Play section.  It should be simple to understand the game from the information given.

Number Factor v1.25

2015-10-25 18:58:26 by Jeffmakesgames

So, a few tiny updates in this version.

-  Hopefully increased performance by a little bit.

- I changed the energy meter and power button locations in Power Mode to make it feel better.  Also, fixed some descriptions.

Number Factor stuff

2015-10-17 17:08:00 by Jeffmakesgames

So... at the moment, I am working on a new mode of play and do some minor adjustments, like re-positioning the power meter/buttons in Power Mode.  I gotta do this because the new mode also using some powers.

I am sure a few of you may be wondering about this in Number Factor as well: "How does the scoring work with matching discs? 7 to 39 to 109 and onward..."


I am sure it does seem confusing.  The first initial matches give 7 points, and then on Chain X 2, all discs give 39 points... and on X 3, each disc is worth 109... and so on.  Well, here is the equation I use.

7 * ( [CURRENT CHAIN] ^ 2.5 )

The ^ symbol means power.  The current chain to the power of 2.5, then multiplied by 7.  Then the final number is rounded down.  Example:

[X] = Chain number.

7 * ( [1] ^ 2.5) = 7 * (1) = 7

7 * ( [2] ^ 2.5) = 7 * (5.6) = 39.5 = 39

7 * ( [3] ^ 2.5) = 7 * (15.5) = 109.1 = 109


7 * ( [12] ^ 2.5) = 7 * (498.8) = 3491.8 = 3491



This is how it works across all modes with scoring.  So, if you want to shoot for huge points, get them chain reactions going!

Number Factor Updated!

2015-09-12 08:37:39 by Jeffmakesgames

After finishing some buttons, I felt it was time to push out this update so you guys could have a better and exciting disc matching time.  Version 1.20 is now out.  Quite a few changes have been done.

The menus look cleaner and better.

Audio can now be toggled off and on.

Disc balancing has been done for all modes, so there is a larger chance of getting higher valued discs.  Fewer 1s and 2s can be a good thing.

Flipside Mode was removed because it felt confusing as to what was happening, and seemed unfitting.  There will be more modes of play in the future though!


Anyways, enjoy this update.  You all earned it. :)


Now, see if you can reach level 102 in Hardcore Mode, or even finish Marathon Mode with a full grid, and 0 drops remaining.  That, might be a challenge.

More news

2015-09-09 01:11:00 by Jeffmakesgames

Still working on Number Factor.  So far, I think I got the audio toggle working, so that should be a nice thing in case people would want to play without sound on.

I believe I got a good disc balance as well as for the disc setups given when you start a game mode.

However, I have chosen to remove 'Flipside' mode in the game.  I felt it was confusing and just didn't fit well.  Once I get these menus done, I think I toss out this update just so you all get something new.

High scores and achievements won't be available just yet either.

The progress is slow but working at getting something out to you guys.  Maybe not high scores or achievements... but something good though.

One change I am doing for all modes is some disc balance.  Gray discs are more likely to be higher valued, as well as the disc drop frequency in the future.  Nobody likes a huge cluster of 1s and 2s together that can't be cleared.