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2015-09-09 01:11:00 by Jeffmakesgames

Still working on Number Factor.  So far, I think I got the audio toggle working, so that should be a nice thing in case people would want to play without sound on.

I believe I got a good disc balance as well as for the disc setups given when you start a game mode.

However, I have chosen to remove 'Flipside' mode in the game.  I felt it was confusing and just didn't fit well.  Once I get these menus done, I think I toss out this update just so you all get something new.

High scores and achievements won't be available just yet either.


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2015-09-10 12:41:30

Do you have any idea when high scores/achievements might be ready? Because I'm thinking of making some music for this game soon and if you like it you can stick it in too.

Is there anything I should know before I start?

Jeffmakesgames responds:

Nope, no idea at all. It'll be ready when its ready. o: