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Number Factor Updated!

2015-09-12 08:37:39 by Jeffmakesgames

After finishing some buttons, I felt it was time to push out this update so you guys could have a better and exciting disc matching time.  Version 1.20 is now out.  Quite a few changes have been done.

The menus look cleaner and better.

Audio can now be toggled off and on.

Disc balancing has been done for all modes, so there is a larger chance of getting higher valued discs.  Fewer 1s and 2s can be a good thing.

Flipside Mode was removed because it felt confusing as to what was happening, and seemed unfitting.  There will be more modes of play in the future though!


Anyways, enjoy this update.  You all earned it. :)


Now, see if you can reach level 102 in Hardcore Mode, or even finish Marathon Mode with a full grid, and 0 drops remaining.  That, might be a challenge.


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2015-09-12 13:19:18

Yay! It's only been like, three months since the last update ;)

I intend to start making some music either later today or tomorrow- still nothing I should be aware of?

(Updated ) Jeffmakesgames responds:

Well, just a little bit ago, I noticed that my game didn't play any sound. I am not sure if its an issue with Firefox browser cache, or what not. It did play sound before.

Then again, since the last update, Firefox has updated a few times, and I am sure Game Maker: Studio has too. I just wish GM:S had the ability to export to Flash.

If you feel like making music that would be fitting to the game, then go right on ahead. :P