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Number Factor v1.30

2016-02-20 08:20:36 by Jeffmakesgames

Well, its been a while indeed.  Decided to upload some updates to Number Factor.

Power mode: I added 4 new powers.  They are LUCK powers.  Let me know how balanced it all feels.  You guys ARE the players.  Help me create the game that you want to play. ;)

Power mode: Reduced the cost of the power Blocker from 60 to 55.

Power mode: The power Next can now be activated multiple times to show up to 9 future discs.

Power mode: The power Lure has been altered so that the chance of the diamond should appear a little more often than usual.

Survival mode: 5 drops per level instead of 7.

Marathon mode: Completing the mode now gives 170,000 points instead of 70,000 points.  There is also a hidden bonus if you can complete the mode in a special rare way.

Timed mode: 12 drops per level instead of 15.

Updated some effects to how points and stuff are displayed. Should look nicer.

Updated the How to Play section.  It should be simple to understand the game from the information given.


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