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Entry #21

Waking up

2017-08-26 18:48:03 by Jeffmakesgames

Indeed.  It's been quite some... time, since I posted about things ongoing.

I did put Number Factor on the back burner for a while to simmer since I wanted to think about where to go with it.

One thing I plan to do, is... well, I suppose it is in a way, a huge overhaul of it.  I plan to change its resolution from 720x480 to 660x780.  This means, I need to resize pretty much every graphic image I use, as well as change a lot of code since the game does its checks of 40x40 cells instead of 60x60.  So yeah, a bigger resolution would be a good change.  It'll just take a lot of time to do it all.

I also want to give some visual choices in the game, such as the ability to choose themes to play with.

Theme Default:
Another theme:

So you can kinda see what a 7x7 grid game (classic, power, hardcore, etc.) looks like.  9x9 and 5x5 is easy to visualize since the grid stays centered.

I also want to get some different disc set colors to pick from as well.  So you can customize the game in a way you want to see it.

Anyway, as for life stuff.  I been out and about.  Recently did a work assessment thing and did a great job with data entry, and they want me to try out a longer internship.  The experience gained is worth it, and it could even lead to a paying job there.  I hope.


That's all to report.


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