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Number Factor!

2015-04-03 19:42:41 by Jeffmakesgames

Well now, what do we have here?  A spiffy and simple looking puzzle game.  You drop numbered discs into the grid, and when the number matches its 'connected group' size, it disappears.  With simple graphics and effects, and 8 modes of play, you should be entertained for a good long while.

Verison 1.00 was launched yesterday and was updated to 1.01 with a few tweaks to the help section in the game, to better visually explain how a disc count other discs together as a 'connected group'.

If you have not played it yet, I recommend checking out the game if you enjoy puzzle games -

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Suggestions?  Ask and or tell away.


PRO-TIP: 1-discs can be a real pain in the arse.  Remember that they either need the entire column to be clear of other discs so its not counting any discs above and or below it, OR the very left and right side of it to be clear.  The entire row does not have to be empty.  This way, the disc is only counting itself.