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The progress is slow but working at getting something out to you guys.  Maybe not high scores or achievements... but something good though.

One change I am doing for all modes is some disc balance.  Gray discs are more likely to be higher valued, as well as the disc drop frequency in the future.  Nobody likes a huge cluster of 1s and 2s together that can't be cleared.

Number Factor - Setup

2015-06-16 03:37:02 by Jeffmakesgames

Well, I am about to test something in game maker to see if it can see my data file and load/save to it, if it works, I can begin doing stuff with it for Number Factor.

Anyway, I feel like sharing something behind the scenes in the game, how it makes a setup of discs when you start a game.  We'll take... Classic Mode for example.

First, it decides how many discs the setup should be made of.  This is between 7 and 21 discs.  Other modes may use different amounts.

Now that it has a number of discs, I made it look at each column and ask whether or not that specific column has less than 6 discs in it.  If so, I tell it to make it a possibility to add a disc to it.  Then to randomly add a disc to a column.  I repeat this until all discs are added to columns.  If a column has 6 discs, it cannot be added as a possibility.  Under no circumstances in any game mode will any columns be full when you start a game.

Okay, all discs added.  The thing is, these are not the normal game discs you drop, these are special 'setup' discs.  Once added, they are given a random value.  These determine if it will be a gray disc or a numbered color disc.

Now, a check is made with the ''setup' discs.  Does it match its connected horizontal or vertical group?  If so, I make that setup disc change its value to become a gray disc.  Now that the check is done, I tell the game to make all the 'setup' discs into the actual game discs and the screen fades in.  This entire setup is done in pretty much an instant.

So, every time you play, you get a new setup randomly generated.  PERFECT!


UPDATE: Well, it seems my read and write to the save file was a success!  I will begin looking into Number Factor and see if I can't get you guys some way to have local high scores + achievements and stuff.

May Update

2015-05-29 11:31:48 by Jeffmakesgames

Ugh... May has been a crummy month for me.  :P

Luckly, been feeling much better.  Been wanting to get a game project that had sat on my desktop for the past 4-5 months.  I plan to use it to test game data saving.  If it works successfully, I can put it into Number Factor.

Just posting this to let you all know that I am still around. :)

So, time to reveal some of the names of the modes I have planned out so far... but minus the details so not to completely spoil them. I still have to actually program them of course.

Drop - ???

Puzzle - ??? (Before I can make this, I need to find a way to make the game save progress data.)

Battle - ??? (Same as above.)

I know some would love online high scores and possibly medals/achievements, but I am not sure how that would be possible in html5.  Yet, anyway.  For now, local achievements and high scores would have to do.

2 New Modes!

2015-04-27 16:58:05 by Jeffmakesgames

So, Number Factor got 2 new modes today. 

Mini - Where you play on a 5x5 size grid.  This should offer an interesting challenge.  Drops start at 15.


Timed - As requested, I took Classic mode and put a 5 minute timer on it.  In this mode, every 20 drops adds a new row of gray discs.  You also, do not drop gray discs from above.  Only numbered discs.  Once time is up, the game ends.



Number Factor - Update soon

2015-04-27 09:12:34 by Jeffmakesgames

So, I am working to get you all a 9th mode of play.  I am still working on a way to make it do the local high scores/achievements thing...


(EDIT): And done.  Introducing: Mini.


2015-04-22 06:57:16 by Jeffmakesgames


So, I been having quite a busy month with things, so I haven't had time to get to updating Number Factor.

Also, for the past few months, my computer has been randomly freezing up when left idle for a period of time.  I have no idea why.  I checked many things.

It could be the motherboard... or the memory... or the hard drive... or a Windows 7 update, I do not know.


Chain Report!

2015-04-15 20:12:07 by Jeffmakesgames

So, I am working on a way to make Number Factor somehow, locally save data in the local storage of your browser.  I tried something but it didn't work, so back to the drawing board.

I definitely want to make it so people have their own personal Top 3 scores section for the current 8 modes, as well as achievements.  I am sure some of you would prefer the NG medals, but not sure if that can actually be done in html5.

How many achievements will there be?  I couldn't possibly say.  I would have to think them up of course.

Also, my schedule has been busy busy, so haven't had time to do much lately.  Hopefully will get some updates in a while.

One project that I have always wanted to do, is a scrolling platformer.

Scratch that.

INFINITY scrolling platform.


What do I mean by infinity?  Well, here is the concept.  We have a start section, and then beyond that, the game randomly generates the next part from a number of pre-sets that attach to it, and any randomness to it.  As it keeps on going, the game keeps looking at the last section it makes, and choosing a compatible pre-set to connect.

[Start] > [Pre-Set 1] > [Pre-Set 5] > [Pre-Set 7] > [Pre-Set 11] > [Pre-Set 1] > [Pre-Set 4] > etc.

It would be a pretty big project to take on.  I would basically have to map every section and look at when it can be selected to be generated.  Some sections could be unique to others and even be repeated several times, offering new randomness in each bit.


Hopefully, you understood what I meant in this.

TL:DR - Randomly generating platformer. Pre-set made sections.  Plenty of random.

Number Factor v1.02 + Music?

2015-04-04 04:29:23 by Jeffmakesgames

So, first off I have just released v1.02 which adds one more example of disc matching, which should clear up any final confusion.  Hopefully you all understand the concept and enjoy getting some nice large scores.

(Pro-Tip: Try clearing the grid of all discs.  You get a nice bonus if you do.)

Secondly, I would love to get some music for this game project.  Maybe. I am not sure if I should make up some random loops in FLstudio, or keep the game music-less.  I am not much of a musician.  :P